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Paul Rudd's New 'Wear a Mask' PSA Embraces His Inner-Millennial

Paul Rudd’s new COVID-19 mask PSA could make even a millennial cringe, but that’s exactly the point. The 51-year-old seemingly ageless “Ant-Man” star mimics the young while appealing to them at the same time.
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Paul Rudd Recalls Feeling 'Like a Prop' on 'Friends'

While many fans still recall Paul Rudd as Mike Hannigan on the hit ‘90s sitcom, “Friends,” the actor doesn’t think he played a huge part in the show’s success. Find out why he felt like a prop now.
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Paul Rudd & Jimmy Fallon Love the 80's

When Paul Rudd stopped by The Tonight Show, he and Fallon had a little fun recreating the music video for Go West's "King of Wishful Thinking". It's pretty spot on! Video of Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd Recreate "King of Wishful Thinking" Music Video Check out the original for...
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