My Thank You Note to Mom

It's Mother's Day weekend! A time to celebrate the Mom's in your life. I wanted to share my letter to my Mom. Hi Mom, It's a beautiful day. Not just because the sun is out and the kids are playing, but because it's YOUR day. Mother's Day. I wanted to thank you for so much you have done for me. From...
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Mothers Day Gift

What's The Best Mother's Day Gift?

Wondering what to get mom for Mother's Day? Of course you are! Will she really like it? Or, is she just saying that. According to a lot of studies, if she says something like... "Thank you" . . . "Aww" . . . "I love it" . . . "Wow, this is great" or "I really NEED one of these," she may not...
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Billy Joel

Have Billy Joel Sing To Your Mom

OK, Mother's Day is 5 days away, or sooner depending on when you read this. Finding something for the MOM in your life is not always easy. I joke about it too often that those little stands set up on the corner in the gas station parking lot selling the crap for the last minute folks are making a...
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