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Fulton Homes School Salute

Fulton Homes School Salute From Home

It is with great honor to our nation and those who serve it, that Fulton Homes has partnered with 94.5 KOOL FM to offer an opportunity for Arizona students to show their patriotism. Arizona students will have a chance to perform the national anthem on the radio with the Fulton Homes School Salute...
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Queen's Top 5 Songs!

Queen is coming to The Valley and we are so excited! What is the best way to prepare? By listening to The Top Songs of Queen! Did yours make the list?
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Beach Viper at the Arizona State Fair

Our Battle of the Cover Bands Winner Beach Viper is taking on the National Indoor RV Centers' Backyard Stage at the Arizona State Fair
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Listen to 94.5 KOOL FM on the Radio.com App

94.5 KOOL FM is no longer available on TuneIn. You are no longer able to hear 94.5 KOOL FM on the TuneIn app or website. Now, the only place to stream 94.5 KOOL FM is on Radio.com . Make the switch from the TuneIn app or website, to radio.com Download Now Here's a video on how to do it.
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Operation Santa Claus w Maria Knight

Maria Knight and the Kool Krew came out to Sanderson Ford for a great cause. The Sixteenth Annual Operation Santa Claus Charity Drive is geared towards making kids happy.Donating new toys, children’s clothing items, packaged food items or a monetary donation will give you the opportunity to be one...
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