You Can Now Drink Wine-Flavored Water!

There are some food and drink items put out by manufacturers that I just do not understand! The latest one is “wine water,” and it is boggling my mind. It's a non-alcoholic drink called O. Vine , which lets you enjoy the essence of a bottle of wine without the hangover. I’ve heard of near beer, but...
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5 Tips to Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a challenge. Frankly it kinda sucks, but doesn't everything we are supposed to do for our health suck sometimes? As we get older, the machine needs more attention! Think about that for a moment. As we get older, the machine needs more attention. Body parts start to creek and groan...
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5 Drinks That Are Perfect for Every Kind of St. Patrick's Day Celebration

We have rounded up some of the most unique (and most popular) cocktails that YOU can make to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
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