Phil Collins

In the Air Tonight Alternate Drum Solo

It's one of our favorite songs. And that dramatic drum solo is one of the most air drummed pieces of all time for a reason. But we've never seen it like this, and we we can't stop watching it! Video of in the deer 2nite
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Robert Plant

WATCH: 8-Year-Old Drums Along to Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant Reacts

Last week, we saw eight-year-old Yoyoka Soma absolutely crush Led Zeppelin ’s “Good Times Bad Times” on drums, and now Robert Plant is weighing in.
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Watch This 8-Year-Old Girl Crush a Led Zeppelin Drum Cover

8-year-old Yoyoka Soma from Japan has a dream to one day be the best drummer in the world. Based on this video, she certainly has a shot!
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