Latest stories and updates on COVID-19

ADHS Says Bars, Gyms, Movie Theaters Can Reopen in Maricopa and Pima Counties

Various businesses including some bars, gyms, movie theaters, water parks, and tube operators in Maricopa and Pima counties have been given the green light to reopen with significantly reduced capacity.
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2020 Arizona State Fair Canceled Due to COVID-19

The 2020 Arizona State Fair will no longer be taking place this year amid health concerns surrounding COVID-19. The fair was set to begin in early October.
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Woman Who Destroyed Target Face Mask Display Says Husband Filed for Divorce

A woman who posted a video of herself destroying a mask display at a Target in Arizona is opening up about her regrets. She says the outburst was followed by a stay at a mental health facility. Read more now.
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Teens Test Positive for COVID-19 After Attending Church Camp

Some parents say they regret sending their kids to church camp after finding out several students were exposed to COVID-19. See the details.
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Walt Disney World Now Requires Guests to Be 'Stationary' While Eating or Drinking

The parks have just implemented a rule stating that park-goers must remain stationary while eating or drinking to promote social distancing and proper mask-wearing.
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Judi Dench Loves Tik Tok

Judi Dench: This 'Saved My Life' During the Pandemic

Judi Dench says Tik Tok 'Saved Her Life' during the pandemic!
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MTV, Video Music Awards, Camila Cabello

The MTV Video Music Awards Are BACK!

It is too soon for an award show?! Well, if it is, it's happening anyway.
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FDA Plans to Authorize Use of Experimental Drug Remdesivir to Treat Coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to grant emergency use of the experimental drug remdesivir to treat patients infected with COVID-19. The news comes after the drug showed promising results in clinical trials.
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Arizona Gov. Ducey Re-Closes Bars, Movie Theaters, Gyms, and Water Parks

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has just ordered a slew of businesses to shutter once again after reopening them just recently. See the details.
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What Should Group Gatherings Look Like Now? Experts Weigh In

As states across the country continue on their paths of phased reopenings, many are left wondering what their group gatherings can look like now or if they can even happen at all. See the details.
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