Carolyn Coffey

Carolyn Coffey

Mon-Fri: 6PM - 11PM

I’ve been an on air host for 25 years and over 16 of those years have been spent in my home state of Arizona. I was a morning show talent on KNIX for over 10 years through 2014. In 2015 I joined the on air staff for both KMLE and KOOL! I have an incredible bond with listeners in the valley because we’ve spent so many years sharing our lives together on and off air.

Time with family and friends is always the best no matter what we’re doing. I love going to see live music and dancing. I’m adventurous so exploring the outdoors on foot or driving an off road vehicle is fun. I’m a foodie who loves to try new restaurants or whip up a creative recipe at home. I’ve had pets my entire life and LOVE dogs so spending time with my Shih-Tzu Dinky is a must!

Having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s day. When a listener shares that something you said or did impacted there life in a positive way it’s the best feeling! Giving back is dear to my heart and over the years I’ve worked with a wide variety of charities and organizations that have impacted me in the most rewarding way. I’ve worked with many children’s charities, food and clothing drives, fund raising for Parkinson’s and cancer research, pet adoption and rescue organizations and hosted many charity events in the valley. Having a giant extended family built from the amazing bond with the listeners is truly a gift!


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