Listen: New Joan Jett song "Fresh Start"

Joan Jett. What can you say? Rock star. Runaway. Blackheart. Hall Of Fame. Yeah, that's a lot. She continues to perform, show after show, on the road day after day. Does she ever stop? Will she ever stop? On stage, along with her band, they leave it all out there. She loves her job. She loves to...
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Bryan Adams fights to change copyright laws in Canada

Imaging writing a song, or painting a picture, or creating something. That work is yours. You own it. Now imagine you sign a deal with someone to help you get your art out to the public. Your goal is to create art that you think other people will like, and you can make a living off of. So you hire...
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New Night Ranger Music- "Truth"

1982, I was just a sophmore at University Lake School in Hartland, Wisconsin when I heard "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" by Night Ranger . I can remember sitting in the band practice room sitting behind the drum set with my KOSS Turtle Shell headphones plugged into my Panisonic Boombox with the Night...
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Aerosmith "Walks This Way" back to school.

Remember playing songs in school using the instruments provided in the band room? Sometimes you had to improvize, but that was the fun part! Sometimes those songs sounded better done with those instruments than the real thing. Jimmy Fallon has been doing this bit for a while now and it has always...
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Charlie JAM of the Day

You see the athletes walking into the tunnel getting ready for the game wearing their headphones. If you go to the gym, you see everyone wearing earbud or headphones. What are they listening to? What songs do they listen to to get pumped up for the game or a good workout? I think each of us has a...
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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Will Get The Billboard Icon Award

She's been an icon to us for years. And now, Billboard magazine is going to give Janet Jackson their Icon Award in a ceremony May 20th from Las Vegas. According to the Associated Press , Kelly Clarkson will host the live event which will feature Janet's first live TV performance in nine years...
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George Michael's Family Shares Holiday Message

"Take a moment, raise a glass, enjoy his music and think of him fondly."
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Phil Collins Has a New Year's Eve Party Suggestion

"If you play 'In The Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins on December 31st at 11:56:40 the drum break will play right as the clock strikes midnight. Start off your new year right."
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Billy Joel Joined by Steve Miller at Madison Square Garden

The rock legends performed Miller's 1973 hit, "The Joker."
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'Mamma Mia!' Sequel Gets First Trailer: Watch

'Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again' hits theaters on July 20, 2018.
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