Country Time Lemonade Will Cover Your Kids Legal Costs For Permits

If the cops bust your kid for not having a Lemonade Stand permit

June 11, 2018
Lemonade Stand

It's almost a rite of passage.  When summer rolls around, kids start selling lemonade in the driveway to make a little extra spending cash. In some areas however, it's not legal without the proper permits.  Here's where Country Time Lemonade has come up with a genius marketing plan.  If your kid gets busted by the cops for an running an illeagle lemonade stand without the proper permits, Country Time will cover the costs of said permits.  Don't think that it can't happen to your kid. Why just last month, some Denver kids were raising money for charity by selling some of the lemony stuff when SWAT moved in.  Ok, it wasn't SWAT, but the cops did shut it down because someone had complained. They've set up a website to help with permits BEFORE your kid sets up shop. HERE's the info!