Cali at Work

It's Take Your Dog To Work Day

Did you take your dog to work today?

June 22, 2018

For many of us pet owners, driving off to work and catching a glimpse of our pet staring at us from the window can be heartbreaking.  That’s why we can’t think of a better day celebrate than this one.

It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day! (You can’t see it, but our tails are wagging.)

Did you take your dog to work today?  We think most people would agree that working alongside our pets would reduce stress.  But according to Ollie’s “Pups In The Workplace Survey,” employees would be willing to put in longer hours too, as long they were accompanied by their four-legged best friend. 

So how about we rally to make every day Take Your Dog To Work Day?

Check out Cali, our station mascot, making sure we're getting our work done around here.

Cali at Work