KOOL School Salute: Redeemer Christian School

April 2020 Grand Prize Winners!

October 21, 2019

The Ramhorns Band from Redeemer Christian School was the April 2020 grand prize winner! Charlie hopped on a video call to give the great news to the student, faculty and staff and presented them with the giant check courtesy of Fulton Homes!

The Redeemer Christian School Ram Horns is a brass ensemble consisting of 7 students ranging from grades 8-12. With this multi-age group comes a wide range of experience, yet we find this to be beneficial in many ways. The older mentor the younger, giving younger students an example to follow and equipping them to improve very quickly. This is the third year this particular group has been playing together, and some of our students have been playing together for 7 years!.

Past Ram Horns experiences include: Attending various Disneyland workshops, performing as, “The Most Spirited” group at the 12Ks of Christmas, and performing various concerts at school and for seniors within our community.

One of our goals for this year is to go on our first ever performance tour. We will be traveling through New Mexico and Colorado performing at various churches and schools along the way. In addition to our performances we plan to experience some “fun” things like the musical road in New Mexico and the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Learning that music can be a life-long activity, and that service to God and country is necessary are two important aspects of the music education at Redeemer Christian School.