New Night Ranger Music- "Truth"

From the album "Don't Let Up"

September 14, 2018

1982, I was just a sophmore at University Lake School in Hartland, Wisconsin when I heard "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" by Night Ranger. I can remember sitting in the band practice room sitting behind the drum set with my KOSS Turtle Shell headphones plugged into my Panisonic Boombox with the Night Ranger cassette blasting that song. If I could just get close to what Kelly Keagy is doing on the drums I could be a badass. I have followed many drummers, but what I loved about Kelly is he also did a lot of singing. I can barely walk and talk at the same time.

Now, flash foward to 2018, and would you believe Night Ranger has more new music? The album is called "Don't Let Up", and their new single/video is called "Truth". If you know anything about Night Ranger, you understand that this band does not stop and they sure "Don't Let Up". For over 35 years this band has been making music and has been on tour. Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Night Ranger's drummer Kelly Keagy. The one I studied in 1982 in that little band practice room. He was backstage at our Rick Springfield concert. I saw him right away and said to myself, "Wait, that's Kelly from Night Ranger. What is he doing here?" Great guy and passionate about his music. Check them out for yourself. Here is the video for the new single, "Truth".