Turning Japanese!

July 26, 2019

I can remember the juke box in college in the little local bar we would hit during happy hour. Pitchers of beer for $1. We could go to happy hour with five bucks in our pocket and come back with four and be very "happy". On that little juke box was all of the bands you will see at the Lost 80's Live concert September 5th at the Celebrity Theatre. A Flock of Seagulls, Wang Chung, When In Rome, Boys Don't Cry, Real Life, and last but not least- The Vapors.

"Turning Japanese" was the fav on that jukebox. When it came on, the bartender cranked up the volume, and we all had our very own version of a "dance" for the song. On the bar, on the pool table, anywhere there was space. The Vapors were discovered as a pub-rock band in the UK by Bruce Foxton of The Jam. David Fenton is the lead singer and after the music was done- he went on to be a lawyer in the music industry. Over 30 years later, they reunited on stage and now they are back doing dates again. Their song "Turning Japanese" topped the Australian charts and was a middle chart hit in the UK and US. It was a minor hit in Japan. Of all places.

See them live on stage for the LOST 80's LIVE concert September 5th at the Celebrity Theatre!