Listen: New Joan Jett song "Fresh Start"

From her documentary film "Bad Reputation"

September 21, 2018

Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for USO of Metropolitan New York


Joan Jett. What can you say? Rock star. Runaway. Blackheart. Hall Of Fame. Yeah, that's a lot. She continues to perform, show after show, on the road day after day. Does she ever stop? Will she ever stop? On stage, along with her band, they leave it all out there. She loves her job. She loves to perform, and it shows. There is a new documentary coming out on September 28th called "Bad Reputation". She talks about how she started and how she got into the Rock And Roll scene. Forming the Runaways, and how they had to struggle in a male dominated genre. Bottom line is she is a badass. She backs it up big time. By the way, she turns 60 September 22, and she rocks better than 20 year olds!

Watch the trailer below, then see a live performance of her new song "Fresh Start" she will have on the documentary soundtrack.

Here is the new song she has for the soundtrack called "Fresh Start".