TOP 10: Signs you have a balanced life.

Work vs. Life

September 25, 2018
Work Life

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Monday through Friday it's the same grind. Maybe throw in a weekend or two as you may take one of those days to get things done for work as well. How is your work-life balance? Ask yourself how balanced you think your life is right now, would you like your answer? If not how do we change it? It starts with you. It starts with being honest with yourself. It starts with your foundation.

There was an article in the New York Post about personal happiness where they shared the results of a 2,000 person survey conducted by OnePoll where the results were very telling. Below are the TOP 10 factors for a well-rounded life. How do you match up?

1. Spending time with your family

2. Watching TV and movies

3. Getting enough sleep

4. Taking time for yourself each day

5. Listening to music or a podcast

6. Spending time with friends

7. Keeping your house clean and organized

8. Having sex

9. Spending time outdoors, in nature

10. Spending time with a pet

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