Have Billy Joel Sing To Your Mom

Mother's Day Assist

May 8, 2018
Billy Joel

OK, Mother's Day is 5 days away, or sooner depending on when you read this. Finding something for the MOM in your life is not always easy. I joke about it too often that those little stands set up on the corner in the gas station parking lot selling the crap for the last minute folks are making a killing! Stop that! Mom should mean more to you than a last minute stop for the giant bear in the balloon, or the carved wood Happy Mother's Day trinket. I found something pretty amazing that you can do on-line to ADD to your gift.

There is a website alwaysloveyou.com that will allow you to set up an e-card to play a Billy Joel song for Mom. You can upload 5 different pictures that will rotate in your card, and you can attach a message to each photo, and then choose the music you would like. Your choices are "Piano Man", "Uptown Girl", "You May Be Right", "Lullaby (Goodnight, my Angel)", "She's Got A Way", "Just The Way You Are", "She's Always A Woman", "Everybody Loves You Now", "Vienna", and "This Is The Time".

During your lunch break, sit down and make one. It will take 5 minutes to do. The hardest part will be trying to find only 5 pictures to use for the e-card! It's the least you can do for Mom!