Charlie JAM of the Day

A song to get you fired up!

May 16, 2018

You see the athletes walking into the tunnel getting ready for the game wearing their headphones. If you go to the gym, you see everyone wearing earbud or headphones. What are they listening to? What songs do they listen to to get pumped up for the game or a good workout? I think each of us has a song or two or 2000 that we love. Songs that get us in the mood, or motivated, or just songs that make us smile. To me, every day or every situation is different. Songs come from anywhere for me. Rock, Country, Metal, Funk, Hip Hop, 80's jams, every song has a story. I call it "My Life: 3 and a half Minutes at a Time".

Today, I was getting ready to hit the production room and do some recording. Working on the show items and my podcast were on my list of things to do, BUT I went into the room for no particular reason singing Adam Ant "Ant Rap". I can remember being in high school and ordering this cassette from the Columbia House Record & Tape Club. I played that cassette like crazy! This past year, I finally got to interview over the phone while he was in London, and then see him live in concert for the first time. A dream come true. I only wish I could have met him in person to thank him for his music, and for being a part of my motivation to do music and radio. He was a perfect gentleman!