Bryan Adams fights to change copyright laws in Canada

Give more control to the artists

September 19, 2018

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images


Imaging writing a song, or painting a picture, or creating something. That work is yours. You own it. Now imagine you sign a deal with someone to help you get your art out to the public. Your goal is to create art that you think other people will like, and you can make a living off of. So you hire a company to help you do that. You may sign over a copyright on your art to help make that happen. Now imagine not being able to get the copyright to your work back until you have been dead for 25 years. Welcome to Canada! 

Right now, Bryan Adams- yes the same Bryan Adams popular for the songs "Summer Of '69" and "Cuts Like A Knife" just to name a couple is fighting for Canadian artists to help them get control back of their art. In Canada, if an artist gives up their copyright, they (and their family) have to wait for 25 years AFTER the artist has died in order to get them back. Bryan is asking for change. The video below is a story of Bryan in front of the Canadian government asking for the change. Kuddos to Bryan.