Steven Spielberg

The 80's Make A Comeback in Ready Player One Soundtrack

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One Opens This Weekend

March 29, 2018

Who knew that in the year 2045 Twisted Sister would make a comeback?  Well, something like that.

Ready Player One opens in theatres this weekend and has a soundtrack that sounds like it came straight out of the 80’s.

The film is based on Ernest Cline’s sci-fi book by the same name, and features hundreds of great songs we all know and love as part of a virtual 80’s trivia game that takes place in the film, set in 2045.  Director Steven Spielberg, who doesn't usually include popular hits in his films, had the final say as to which ones would make the cut.  Check out some of the songs that made the list below.

“I Wanna Be Your Lover”  Prince
“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” Tears For Fears
“Stand On It”  Bruce Springsteen
“One Way Or Another”  Blondie
“Can't Hide Love”  Earth, Wind & Fire
“Blue Monday” New Order
“Stayin' Alive”  Bee Gees
“We're Not Gonna Take It”  Twisted Sister
“You Make My Dreams”  Daryl Hall & John Oates

The film is expected to do well in theatres, so you can expect these artists will get a boost in digital downloads as well.

See the trailer for Ready Player One here.