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Justin Harvey

School Salute From Home - Justin Harvey

Justin Harvey: Justin is a home-schooled tenth grader who became interested in guitar about 2 1/2 years ago after hearing his dad play for fun. He decided to teach himself through YouTube. It was amazing how fast he picked it up. Just after a few months of playing he pulled off "Eruption" in a... Read More

KOOL School Salute From Home: Avery Kronz

Avery Kronz: Hi my name is Avery Kronz. I am a senior at Sunnyslope high school and I am 17 years old. I have a twin brother who is my other half. You can always find us singing together. This is my second year in Vocal Ensemble at my school which is varsity level choir. I am going to miss VE after... Read More
KOOL School Salute From Home: Joseph Giacinto

KOOL School Salute From Home: Joseph Giacinto

Joseph Giacinto: Hi, my name is Joseph Giacinto. I'm a 16-year-old sophomore at Highland High School. I was born blind and taught myself how to play the clarinet. I started playing it when I was 12. I have loved music since I was a little boy. I played the National Anthem for the Arizona... Read More

KOOL School Salute From Home: Danielle Porten

Danielle Porten: I am currently a Junior at Casteel High School and I am in Chorale which is my school's auditioned concert choir. Singing has always been my passion since I was two years old. I began performing in Kindergarten when I sang in a talent show. I have participated in the Gilbert Youth... Read More
Danny Zelisko Book Cover Rev2

Danny Zelisko Talks with The Niko Show!

Legendary concert promoter Danny Zelisko talks with The Niko Show about his long-awaited book. With almost 50 years in the biz, you'll get stories and never-before-seen photos that only he can give. Plus, part of the proceeds will be given to #SaveOurStages to support people in the music business... Read More

Fulton Homes School Salute From Home: Kyra O'Connor

Kyra O'Connor: I fell in love with singing and musical theater at The Ahwatukee Children's Theatre. I have been singing, dancing, and in musical theatre there since I was 8. I am currently in their Select High School Performance/Show Choir. I have been in many productions/concerts at Seton,... Read More

KOOL School Salute From Home: Dylan Auer

Dylan Auer is currently in his senior year at Desert Edge high school. He is the show choir president and theater club president. He has been doing choir for nearly 6 years and theater for more than 7. Dylan loves the arts and getting to work with talented people. In addition, he plays the piano at... Read More
age and dogs, dogs, dog aging

Could that 7:1 Ratio for Dog Years be Wrong?

WHOA! We have always believed that our dogs age 7 "years" to every 1 human year! New research says that 7:1 ratio could be WRONG! Apparently, dogs age quite a bit during their first year (remember, a 9 month old dog can have puppies!) The scale looks a little something like this: 1 year old dog is... Read More


Happy 4th of July Weekend! This weekend, we celebrate the birthday of our country with cook-outs, fireworks, family and of course 80's Music!!! All weekend long it's about the 80's and all the great songs that came out of the most fun decade! (we think so!) Get ready for the soundtrack to your... Read More
Judi Dench Loves Tik Tok

Judi Dench: This 'Saved My Life' During the Pandemic

It saved her life! Okay, not actually. But Judi Dench is an actress, so 'dramatic' suits her! Obviously during the pandemic, many were left with an excessive amount of hours to fill. Judi Dench, with productions for 100% of all movies, everywhere halted, is not the exception. So what did she do to... Read More