Oreo Lovers Can Test Their Preferred 'Stuf' Level With New Variety Box

February 25, 2020

Yolo. You obviously love Oreos.

In the world of the beloved treat, cookie lovers have abundant options to choose from, with frequent new flavors and varieties announced by the company.

But perhaps the most telling aspect of Oreo preference is how much stuf you like in yours.

Walmart is currently selling an Oreo Whats Your Stuf? cookie variety pack so you can find out what amount of the sugary, creamy goodness is right for you, reports Delish.

The pack, which was shared on Instagram account @candyhunting, contains five different packs of Oreos, including classic, Mega Stuf, and Thins, as well as an exclusive T-shirt that you can rock to really flaunt your love for the treat.

The box costs $24.99.

With the release of the box, Oreo is also hosting a contest asking cookie lovers to choose their preferred level of "stuf." Entrants will have a chance at winning $100,000.

Oreo has released other merchandise in the past including the Oreo-flavored lip balm.

The balm's product description on Amazon reads, "We know how people value flavor and tradition of Oreo, so we teamed up to make an item your lips can't resist. Perfect as a gift or for individual use, this lip balm is manufactured to bring out the love in your life."

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