Watch KISS' Gene Simmons Confront Heckler at Solo Show

November 16, 2017
By Scott T. Sterling Gene Simmons was not having it. Related: KISS' Gene Simmons Shares 'Hand of Fate' from 'The Vault Experience' The KISS bassist confronted a heckler during a solo show in Providence, Rhode Island, earlier this week (Nov. 12), leaving the stage and marching through the crowd to show him "what happens when you ruin my concert." The confrontation occurred as Simmons was being presented with the key to the city from East Providence City Councilman Brian Faria. In a fan-captured video, the heckler can be heard shouting throughout the presentation, and at one point yells out, "Ace is way better than this!," in reference to KISS' original and much beloved guitarist, Ace Frehley. After more heckling, Simmons interrupted the councilman to confront the heckler, who was stationed in the balcony. While there's no footage of the actual confrontation or evidence that Simmons and the shouter ever came face to face, the KISS demon appears very pleased with himself on the way back to the stage.