Michael Jackson...Sung by Movies!It's MJ's 1987 hit "The Way You Make Me Feel" sung by movie clips... 132 movies to be exact! Check out the video here...
YouTube Will Be Streaming TV! Here's How!YouTube is launching a new subscription TV service and will have live and on-demand shows for $35 a month. You’ll get 40 networks including major ones like ABC, CBS and Fox, as well as cable channels like FX and USA.
80's Icon Blondie Has A New Album Coming Out!"Pollinator" will be out May 5th and she's getting a little help from people like Joan Jett, the Gregory Brothers, Laurie Anderson and John Roberts! John is the guy who voices Lin Belcher on "Bob's Burgers." "Fun" will be the first song out
She's Only 4-Years Old, But You Can Tell That She Loves Singing With Her Daddy!I'm not sure who's having more fun, daddy or daughter! You have to watch little Ryann sing a Toy Story song with her dad!
YouTube's Annual "Rewind" Video for 2016!It's that time of year and YouTube posted their annual "Rewind" video of all the stuff that went viral this year. Take a look!
Bob Saget's Favorite "America's Funniest Home Videos" ClipBob Saget showing a clip from his A.F.H.V. show on Greg Kinnear's Later show which is actually clipped on Kinnear's other show, Talk Soup.
Maria and Chad... In Slow MotionThis is what we might sound like if we broadcasted live from a pub!
Maria and Chad...in Slow MotionSpoiler alert...slowed down audio makes you sound drunk
Maria & Chad's YouTube Challenge!We had one week to learn a skill from YouTube. Listen and vote for your favorite!
Sounds That Feel Good?Just listen...
The Top Ten YouTube Videos of the Year!
President Barack Obama Answers Questions from YouTubers: RecapPresident Obama reached out to a younger generation today with a live online interview with three of the most popular YouTubers on the internet.

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