No! Don't! Ohhhhhh.....You Shouldn't Have Done That!A couple should have known better, but they asked the Internet for help with photoshopping a great engagement picture that they had taken.  The problem was that there was a shirtless man in the background that they wanted taken out.  Well, you could imagine what the Internet did with that!  The results were hilarious!!!
Groom Messes Up His Vows...Twice!Peter vows to take Kendra to be his husband! It's nice to see a couple that can laugh things off. See the video...
Ultimate 80's Wedding PlaylistFor a successful wedding, these songs from the 1980s MUST be included on the playlist.
A Pretty Cool Wedding Proposal!
Botched Marriage Proposal!
Today's Top 10 Tuesday Is All About Love! Awww!!!
The 10 Bad Habits Men and Women Hate Most in Their Partner
Is This One Of The Bee Gee's? Or, Is It Tom Peake
Bobby Brown Says 'I Do' Again
Former Announcer for the Chicago Bulls Reading the Intros at a Wedding Reception
Nancy Wilson Got Married!
Sorry Ladies...Neil Got Hitched!

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