Cheeto the Lucky SeahorseCheck out the video of Cheeto, the seahorse that was rescued by a little girl at Indian Shores Beach in Florida. Cheeto is at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium while she recovers. Check out the whole story here...
Desert Animals Drinking WaterThey put the camera in the bucket so you get a view from the bottom. Interesting to see all the animals that wanted a drink, and didn't (looking at you steer). Check out the video here...
Water Bottle PrankNot a new prank, but a new wave of them has been hitting the web recently. This one is pretty funny. Check out the video...
Slip-n-Slide Kickball!Another way to stay KOOL this summer! We want to play now!
This Dog REALLY Loves The Water
Would You Pay Money for Pool Water That Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Their Daughter Swam In?
Working Out? Have BEER Afterwards!
Got Water? They NEED Water.
There's a Golf Course in Australia With 30 Sharks in One of the Water Hazards
Can Tempe borrow your hose?

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