Violinist Plays Michael Jackson with a Fidget SpinnerIt took Rob Landes 30 years to learn how to play the violin, and 3 minutes to learn the fidget spinner. Check out his rendition of Billie Jean using the spinner to play the violin...
REWIND: You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band
Jimmy Page On The Violin Bow: "Whatever Squeaks I Made Sort Of Intrigued Me"Page used the bow on a few Yardbirds songs: "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor" and "Glimpses" from their 1967 album, "Little Games," and then on Led Zeppelin's 1969 self-titled debut ("Dazed And Confused" and "How Many More Times"). But he wasn't the first British rock guitarist to take the bow to his axe.

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