You Won't Believe What They're Dropping At Midnight New Year's Eve!Oh sure, there will be balloons falling all over the Valley at midnight to ring in the New Year. The crystal ball will fall in Time's Square. But in Port Clinton, Ohio they're dropping a 600 pound, twenty foot walleye! In Key West, Florida they're lowering two humans. What!?!?!? It's amazing what we will drop to the ground at midnight to celebrate 2017.
Paul McCartney Charms Times Square with Impromptu Lunchtime Show
B.B. King At B.B. Kings In NYC: The Thrill – Not Gone!When B.B.’s left hand jumps to grab his guitar Lucille and plays a few notes, the decades melt away. Also melting: women, who screamed with each note. Add to that list: any guitar player, male or female, in the room. All of who were well aware that the way they play their instrument was influenced by what the man on the stage was doing, decades ago. So it’s a privilege to see that man still doing it today.
What better way to wrap up our visit to the city

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