Maria & Chad Sing the BluesThe record-breaking temperatures this week have left us singing the blues. Or at least trying... Listen as Maria and Chad (and a few listeners) sing about the Arizona heat!
Slip-n-Slide Kickball!Another way to stay KOOL this summer! We want to play now!
Summer Life Hacks You Should TryHack your way to a better summer with simple household items...
Summer Bucket ListHere are a handful of specific quests, pilgrimages, trips and splurges that are sure to turn any summer dream into a reality.
The Best and Worst Cities to Visit This SummerIf you're going to tough it out in those long security lines, you better make it worth it...
The New Ghostbusters Trailer is Here!This summer the Ghostbusters return! Can't wait for this!
Five Ways You Know Summer Is Coming In Arizona!
Here's Some Classic Summer Movies You Must Watch Again!
10 Songs of SummerIt is only beginning to be Spring time in the United States and if you are specifically in Arizona you might not be ready for summer because it is already too hot.
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Catch A Wave: A Surf Music History Lesson In 12 Songs
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