Sometimes Puppies Need a NapMust...fight...sleep... It's ok, even the best of us need a nap sometimes. Check out this video compilation of puppies trying to stay awake. Rest up lil' pup...
How Elephants Get Their Young to NapAfter a long day, even elephants need a nap! This video from Elephant Nature Park shows three adult elephants trying to get a baby to sleep. Then one of the adults decides she needs one too!
Owner Sings Her Dog to SleepToo cute! Wish we could make it through the whole video...keep...falling...asleep...zzzzzzz
I Had A Dream About Justin Bieber last night...and I woke up smiling!
December We Remember Movember!
MOVEMBER 26th: Family Intro To The MO!
MOVEMBER 25th: Facial Hair=Better Performance
MOVEMBER 24th: Dude, Food, Mood, Wha?
MOVEMBER 19th: Quit Smoking...Like NOW!
MOVEMBER 18th: Move It! (More)
MOVEMBER 17th: It Gets Fuller!
MOVEMBER 15th: You're Half Way There!

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