What Should You Never Buy At A Garage Sale?The weekend is here and a lot of us hit garage sales around the Valley looking for those bargains, and maybe that million dollar painting that they only want $2 for!  Good luck with that, but there are some things that you should NEVER buy at a garage sale. Bike helmets, car seats and tires are just some of them.
Fiesta Mall in Mesa is Closing!It opened in 1979 with Sears, Broadway and Goldwater's as the anchor stores and was a major shopping destination for many years. The space will now be a medical/educational campus.
Roomstore with Steve Goddard
Mark David Chapman's Own Lennon-Autographed Copy of 'Double Fantasy' Up For SaleThis past weekend marked the 32nd anniversary of John Lennon's assassination on December 8, 1980. Disturbingly enough, the album Lennon signed for the man who would shoot him five hours later, Mark David Chapman, is up for sale.
Top Little-Known Facts About Christopher Columbus
Black Friday Shopping Survival
Massive Price Wars Are About To Begin!

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