American Idol Is Back! Is Seacrest?It was once one of America's favorite shows, but had fallen down the list far enough that Fox decided to pull the plug on American Idol. Here comes ABC to the rescue!
Chad Makes Us Guess: May 4th, 2017With the announcement of Ryan Seacrest joining Kelly Ripa on Live, this week's subject is The Most Powerful People on Twitter. Producer Abe is on a hot streak so Maria is looking for redemption. Check it out...
Will The Idol Judges Use Their "Save" Card Tonight?
Will Jermaine Jones Be Kicked Off "American Idol" Because of His Criminal Past?
Phillip Phillips Is the Odds-On Favorite to Win "American Idol"
"American Idol" Premiere Ratings Were Down 18% from Last Season
Julianne Hough loves danger and Seacrest
Another Generation Of Doobies
Are You Watching Idol?
American Idol Returns Tonight
New Idol Judges Announced

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