Alice Cooper Had an Andy Warhol in Storage for 40 Years!It was a birthday present back in the 70's, and then he forgot about it! His girlfriend at the time paid about $2,500 bucks for it, but now it may be worth millions! Check out the whole story here...
The Strangest Backstage Tour RidersFrom Van Halen's M&Ms with the brown ones removed to Iggy Pop's Bob Hope impersonator, here are the strangest things musicians have requested in their backstage riders. Check out the video...
Have You Heard This Version Of Queen's "We Will Rock You?"Do you prefer this version or the classic version?
(ADOPTED!!!) Dog Of The Week
Lysa D's "KOOL Kollective" - Video Of The Day (1/25/12)
ZZ Top Honored With Tribute Album Featuring Wide Array Of Generation-Spanning Artists
"Superheavy" Has Landed: Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Damian Marley and A.R. Rahman Collaboration Is Here
Album Stream - Jimi Hendrix Experience Is Live From 1968 On "Winterland"
Best Father's Day Songs - Music Videos To Celebrate Dad Trends: George Harrison Goes Digital Trends: Phil Collins Leaves Fans In The Texan Dust

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