This Cow is Gonna Rock and Roll All Night......and party every day! Why? He was born to! Well, at least he looks like he's going to because he was born with markings on his face that look just like Gene Simmons Kiss makeup!
Is This the End of Heart??Ann and Nancy Wilson are in a bitter feud that involves criminal charges against Ann's husband Dean Wetter for assaulting Nancy's two teenage sons! Check out all the details here...
Which Rock Supergroup Will Have Their Own Version Of Monopoly?Queen! And it will feature moments in the band's career. Brian May said that they've been working on it for about a year, and that he had a blast putting it together.
A Rock Legend & Pioneer Has DiedChuck Berry passed away today. His music influenced many!
Are You Ready For Bohemian Rhapsody On A 100 Year Old Fairground Organ?Of course, you are! Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the greatest rock songs of all time and we've all sang along to it in the car at one time or another.
Check Out This Little Old Lady Drummer!
Josh Groban To Rock (Sort Of) On New Album
Prince Plays "Rock 'N Roll" On New SingleFor his first single in over two years Prince shows he still believes in rock and roll. Set in a nightclub, the song's video features the Purple One performing his latest single, “Rock ‘N Roll Love Affair.” His first new song since releasing his 2010 album cleverly titled 20Ten.
Who Don't Like Watching Babies Rocking Out To Dad
Mick Jagger's Band "Superheavy" Release Their New Album Today
Jeff Beck Brings The Festive Tribute Inside "Rock 'N' Roll Party (Honoring Les Paul)"

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