Do You Know What Today Is?It's the first day of the monsoon!  But you won't need your raincoat just yet.  There's no rain in sight. Remember the good old days when we needed three days in a row with the dew point above 55 degrees?  Well, in 2008 that all ended when it was declared that the season shall be from June 15th through September 30th, whether it looked like rain or not! Do you know what the word "monsoon" means? What's the average rainfall during the Valley monsoon?  What's the record amount of rain that we've gotten? What was the driest? Why do we call dust storms "Haboobs"?
Cheeto the Lucky SeahorseCheck out the video of Cheeto, the seahorse that was rescued by a little girl at Indian Shores Beach in Florida. Cheeto is at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium while she recovers. Check out the whole story here...
Richard Marx Helped Take Down A Violent Passenger During FlightRichard Marx was Right There Waiting to help take down an unruly passenger aboard a Korean airline! It gets better because his wife, Daisy Feuntes recorded the whole thing!
KOOL Dog of the Week - TIGER (Halo Animal Rescue)If you are looking to add a four-legged pal to your family, TIGER may be exactly what you're looking for.
Rescue A Kitty
Watch a Pig Save a Baby Goat from Drowning
A Dog Saves A Puppy From The Pool

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