Laziest Cat Ever??Or maybe this cat has life figured out. Who really has time for all that standing and drinking? All she's missing are a couple servants to feed her. Check out the video here...
If Cats Said "Mom" Instead of "Meow"What if your cat could say "mom"? Wonder no more... Check out this hilarious video and Happy Mother's Day!!!
This Pup Just Wants to ChillI guess sometimes even our pets just want to "hammock n' chill"... Check out the video here...
Here's The Best Mannequin Challenge Ever...BY DOGS!!!!!Some of these pooches are seriously impressive.
Is This a Dog or a Cat??There's ANOTHER photo that's confusing the Internet... and this argument is way more entertaining than "Is this dress blue or white?"
Two Dogs, One Ball. It's A Tug Of War!!
You Will Want to Adopt a Puppy After This Video
Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck in Phoenix
Dog of the Week - Charlie (AAWL)
Dog of the Week - Benedict (AAWL)
And Now . . . Two Minutes of Animals Jumping on Trampolines
Dog of the Week- Lola!

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