Hear the NEW song from Pat Benatar "Shine"New music from Pat Benatar. Listen, buy and support women rights!
Pat Benatar Concert with Tom Peake and Carolyn Coffey
Rick Springfield with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo at Commerica Theatre
KOOL FM at Pat Benatar and Rick Springfield!
Cher Trounces US Airway Center
Today's Top Ten Was All About Cher & Pat Benatar!
Pat Benatar Has One Of The Best Laughs In The World
Pat Benatar @ Wild Horse Pass
Larry H. Miller w/ Corina
'The Voice' Recap: Pre-Thanksgiving SuspenseT-minus one day until America goes on a four-day holiday of eating and it's time to check in with The Voice to see what kind of suspense they're going to leave us with for Thanksgiving!
Loverboy Talks Tour With Journey, 30 Years After Their First TogetherWhen "Working For The Weekend" rockers Loverboy first toured with Journey back in 1982, they were riding high on the success of Get Lucky, their biggest album to date. Times were a bit different than they are now for both bands, but that didn’t stop an on-the-road reunion from kicking off last week.
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