It's National Pizza Day! We've Got Your Deals!Deep dish, or thin crust? Plain cheese, or loaded? Anchovies, or no anchovies? However you like it, have a slice today because it's National Pizza Day! And, according to a new survey by "Travel and Leisure", Phoenix is the city with America's FAVORITE PIZZA. Chicago came in fourth, and New York City was only sixth. So take that!
Brass Armadillo with Carolyn Coffey 9-18-16The KOOL kids on the block and Carolyn Coffey visited Brass Armadillo on Cactus Rd. and the I-17 to celebrate the store's 20 year anniversary! Brass Armadillo had cake, punch and chances to win free Brass Armadillo T-shirts every hour. We even provided Papa John's pizza, tickets to the Wildlife World Zoo and a lucky winner went home with Def Leppard tickets! We had such a great time.
Biggest Game Invasion WINNER!!!
Papa John's Says "I Dough"
Hungry? Root For Overtime!
Peperoncinis all around

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