Jerry... Before SeinfeldHis first original Netflix stand-up special will be a mix of live material and personal retrospective, as we see him return to the New York comedy club that launched his career. Check out the trailer...
Stranger Things is (Almost) Back!!Season 2 will hit Netflix on October 27th, but you can check out the first official trailer right now! This debuted at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend...
Hear a New Version of "Gypsy" by Stevie Nicks!She did it for the new show on Netflix with the same name. The show stars Naomi Watts who plays a therapist with a lot of problems herself! Stevie loves the song and says that it's closer to the original which was on Fleetwood Mac's "Mirage" album.
Orange is the New Black meets Sesame Street
Is "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" Coming To Netflix?Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is coming to Netflix
Now You Can Download Shows & Films On Netflix!No internet connection? Now you can watch your shows and movies offline!
Heads Up! Netflix's Price will IncreaseIt's going to cost a little bit more to "Netflix and Chill"
Watch Before It Leaves NetflixSeeing as it’s the holidays and you have some extra time on your hands, here’s everything leaving Netflix at the end of the month, so make these your priority to watch!!!
"The Switch" is the New Netflix Invention to Help YOU Set the Mood!
The New 'Wet Hot American Summer' Series Looks Funny and Very Twisted: Watch the TrailerYes, you've changed, Camp Firewood kids. Though from the look of things, there's a still a lot of growing up to do. Watch the trailer for the new Netflix series.
'Walking Dead' Alum Jon Bernthal Cast as Punisher in Season 2 of Netflix's 'Daredevil'Hopefully, this will make up for the Punisher movies. We'll never get those hours back.
Not So "Full House"

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