Are You Making What Other People Your Age Are Making? posted a list of the average salary for each age group and there are some surprises! One is, if you're in your 20's, you can't afford kids!
Some Tax Day Tunes For Ya!Today's the day! You have to file by midnight (or ask for an extension) so I thought you might like to hear a few "Money" songs while you do what you gotta do!
What's The Craziest Thing Your Parents Did To Save Money?There's a discussion on Reddit with some pretty funny things that parents have actually done, like try to get a kid into the movies for the "12 & under" price while the 19 year-old was standing there smoking! Another says "My dad would build up speed, then turn the engine off and coast down to five miles-per-hour to save gas. He did that while my friends were in the car."
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