Live From Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerCouple big ones this weekend... The newest installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and a comedic reboot of Baywatch starring The Rock! Let's see if they're worth the price of admission...
The Real Jack Sparrow on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland!Check out this video of Johnny Depp surprising people on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disneyland!
Johnny Depp Reportedly Spends $30,000 a Month on Wine!He filed a lawsuit against his management company for “gross mismanagement and, at times, outright fraud.” They've counter-sued saying that his lavish lifestyle cost more than $2 million a month to maintain.
New Pirates of the Caribbean TrailerNo Johnny Depp in the trailer, but don't worry, Jack Sparrow will be there!
Joe Perry, Alice Cooper Contemplate Hollywood Vampires ShowsAlice Cooper and Joe Perry say that their band, the Hollywood Vampires, may go on tour at some point.
Suprise! It's Jack Sparrow!
Johnny Depp's Dogs Must Leave Australia or Will Be Put To DeathJohnny Depp's dogs are facing life or death in Australia after that country's government accused their actor owner of not properly quarantining them.
Johnny Depp Injured While Filming 'Pirates' SequelJohnny Depp is no stranger to injuring himself on set—while filming The Lone Ranger, he nearly got trampled by a horse—but the actor's latest incident happened off set.
Johnny Depp Was Probably Drunk on Stage at the Hollywood Film Awards
Paul McCartney Recruits Johnny Depp for 'Early Days' Video: WatchPaul McCartney took a left-field approach when casting the video for "Early Days," a remembrance song for John Lennon off his 2013 album New.
Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-17-2014
Watch Now: Paul McCartney's Star-Studded 'Queenie Eye' VideoThe clip for "Queenie Eye" was filmed at Abbey Road Studios earlier this month and sees him recording the track in what he thinks is an empty studio (Studio 2). As the video progresses, hijinks ensue in the form of surprising celebrity cameos including Jude Law, Meryl Streep, Tracy Ullman, Jeremy Irons, Tom Ford, Chris Pine, Alice Eve and--much to the delight of the paparazzi--former paramours Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

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