Here's the New Host of The Gong ShowWill Arnett is reviving "The Gong Show" and he used Jimmy Kimmel's show to give us a taste of the new host Tommy Maitland, which is actually a character played by someone you know. Watch the video...
And The Oscar Goes To... Kermit The Frog!?!?!?!?"La La Land" is nominated for a record-tying 14 Oscars . . . and it could set a new record for the most Oscar wins. (The current record is 11). But, we like to think out of the box. And so does Funny Or Die, which is why we like this Kermit in 'La La Land' Mashup!
This Might Be One Of The Best "Big Game" Commercials This Year!It's an ad for Honda that features a lot of celebrity High School photographs...that come to life! Not sure how they do it, but it's really cool!
Will Harry Caray Makes a Surprise Appearance on KimmelWith the Cubs on their way to the World Series, Jimmy Kimmel got a surprise visit from the legendary announcer
Maria and Chad... In Slow MotionThis is what we might sound like if we broadcasted live from a pub!
Maria and Chad... In Slow MotionWe had some fun slowing down audio from our show, with hilarious results...
Maria and Slow MotionSpoiler alert...slowed down audio makes you sound drunk
Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Up Bidding Farewell to His Idol David LettermanKimmel choked up last night as he bid farewell to Letterman during his monologue. "Even though it looked like every other talk show, it wasn't. It was totally original."
Imagine Dragons, REO Speedwagon Form Imagine REO SpeedDragons for 'Kimmel': WatchMashup Mondays continues to be the best thing ever.
Van Halen Rocks out on Jimmy Kimmel Live
David Lee Roth Busts Open His Nose During Van Halen Show, But Doesn't Stop RockingDavid Lee Roth is a true performer who takes the attitude that the show must go on. Even if you might have just broken your nose.
President Obama Reads Means Tweets: WatchThis could be the granddaddy of all of Jimmy Kimmel's celebrity "Mean Tweets" segments.

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