Are You Making What Other People Your Age Are Making? posted a list of the average salary for each age group and there are some surprises! One is, if you're in your 20's, you can't afford kids!
Some Tax Day Tunes For Ya!Today's the day! You have to file by midnight (or ask for an extension) so I thought you might like to hear a few "Money" songs while you do what you gotta do!
Do You Want Some Tax Day Freebies!Two things are certain in life, and you know what they are. One is due today. Hopefully, it's not the really bad one. To make things easier, a lot of places are offering you freebies!
Tax Help: Filing For Free
The IRS "Liens" On Lionel Richie
Here are Your Odds of Getting Audited by the IRS This Year
Last Minute Tax Q&A
Cough Up That Homebuyer's Credit!
Where Can I File My Taxes Tonight?
TAXES: How To Attract An Audit
What? You STILL haven't filed taxes???

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