Maria & Chad Sing the BluesThe record-breaking temperatures this week have left us singing the blues. Or at least trying... Listen as Maria and Chad (and a few listeners) sing about the Arizona heat!
New To The Valley? 10 Things You Should Know About The Arizona HeatEverything seemed like heaven when you moved here in the Fall.  Suddenly, it seems know! There are certain things that you can and can not do in the summer.  Things that you will, and will not do!  AZ Family put together a list of things to help you through your first Arizona summer! Any suggestions from those who have been here a while?
Newcomers Guide To A Phoenix SummerI remember when I moved to the Valley from the Midwest 38 years ago, some things were done a little different than what I was used to.  I had to learn some of them the hard way. Things like, the steering wheel & the car's interior get just a little warmer here after sitting in the sun.  Just a little.  Going barefoot is an adventure you must experience for yourself! And mowing your yard at 7 a.m. on a Saturday isn't frowned upon.  If this is your first summer here, you should check out this guide put together by AZ Central.
Five Ways You Know Summer Is Coming In Arizona!
Prom King 'Elect'
The Five Easiest Ways to Cool Off Without Air Conditioning
"Oh NO-zone" alert today
"I'm kind of a big deal around here" (NOT REALLY)

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