Do You Know What Today Is?It's the first day of the monsoon!  But you won't need your raincoat just yet.  There's no rain in sight. Remember the good old days when we needed three days in a row with the dew point above 55 degrees?  Well, in 2008 that all ended when it was declared that the season shall be from June 15th through September 30th, whether it looked like rain or not! Do you know what the word "monsoon" means? What's the average rainfall during the Valley monsoon?  What's the record amount of rain that we've gotten? What was the driest? Why do we call dust storms "Haboobs"?
Phoenix Hit By Massive Dust StormCheck out this awesome time-lapse footage from Tuesday's storm...
Five Ways You Know Summer Is Coming In Arizona!
AZ Skies
Phoenix Hit With Third Straight Haboob!
The Calm Before The (Dust) Storm
Move Over, Haboob. Meet The Gustnado!
Monsoon's Haboob #2
All-Request Haboob Cafe?

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