How Some Valley Cities Got Their NamesWas Avondale named after the New York Avon's?  No.  I just made that up, but there was a Valley ranch involved in naming it. Buckeye was named after one of the founders favorite state...Ohio! Check out the stories behind Glendale, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria, and more!
U2 Concert KOOL Review
It's Going to Snow in Glendale This Weekend!Santa even decided to come down from the North Pole to see it for himself! It's Glendale's annual "Christmas in July" event this Saturday in downtown Glendale! Get all the info here and bring the kids!
The Voice's Josh West Visits Maria & Chad!Josh got the rare four-chair turn and ultimately chose Team Adam. Now he's ready to take on the battle rounds! But first, the 18-year-old Glendale native took some time to visit us at KOOL...
Noon Salute Winners Ironwood High School with Charlie Huero 12-8-2016
Fiesta & Cactus Bowl Fan EventsHere's where you can find everything you need to know as a fan for either game!
Glendale Glitters 12-19-15
Glendale Glitters 12-5-15
Glendale Glitters with KOOL FM 11-27-15
Madonna with Smasher & Maria 10-22-15
Watch Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers Get Tased
KOOL FM And Big Red Rib Fest with Smasher!

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