Are These the Best Movies of the 80's?You know all of the catch-phrases and the best scenes, which should annoy your kids, but isn't that half of the fun! AZCentral put together a list of some of the best.  What do you think?
Friday July 15th: Movie Reviews with Cecily KnoblerThe new Ghostbusters is finally here. So how is it? Cecily Knobler has the scoop...
A Weather Report Included 22 Different "Ghostbusters" ReferencesThe new Ghostbusters is in theaters this week, so this U.K. weathergirl paid tribute during her report!
Blockbuster Movies You Have to See This SummerThere are a slew of films that we can't wait to escape the heat with in a nice, cool theater.
The New Ghostbusters Trailer is Here!This summer the Ghostbusters return! Can't wait for this!
'Ghostbusters' Director Reveals New Proton Packs, UniformsMelissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristin Wiig and Leslie Jones are set to star in the film, out in 2016 and shooting this summer.
Chris Hemsworth Will Be the Guy in the All-Female 'Ghostbusters'Hemsworth, a.k.a Thor, will play the receptionist in the film. #whoyougonnacall
Check Out Ghostbusters' Music Video Minus The Music
'Ghostbusters' All-Female Reboot Cast Led by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen WiigThe upcoming reboot of 'Ghostbusters' with an all-female cast will feel a lot like an episode of 'SNL,' with Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon making the cut.
Ghostbusters Trailer Recreated Shot by Shot
'Ghostbusters' Theme to Be Re-Released on Marshmallow Scented VinylIf you ain't afraid of no ghosts, pick up the vinyl edition of the Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker, Jr to celebrate the movie's 30th anniversary.
A Female "Ghostbusters" Is Officially Happening"Bridesmaids" director PAUL FEIG is making a new female-led "Ghostbusters" movie. There's no word on casting, but he said it will star, quote, "hilarious women". There's no word if this means the death of a "Ghostbusters 3" starring the original guys . . . or at least what's left of them.

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