Freebies For Father's Day!Father's Day is Sunday and dad really doesn't want another tie.  Today's day wants to spend time with his kids! Well, that, and some free stuff!  Thanks to the Arizona Republic, there's a list that was put together with 25  Valley places offering specials or deals on Father's Day!
Maria's Letter to DadMaria lost her father several years ago. So for Father's Day this year, she decided to write him a letter and read it on air. Get your tissues...
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Teach Your Ol' Dad New Music: 13 Young Acts Your Classic Rock Loving Dad Will EnjoyYou may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but we do think it's possible to hip your good ol' dad to some great new music.
10 Best TV Dads, Ranked By ArchetypeGot a favorite TV dad? We round up 10 of our favorites and arrange them by archetype. See where your own dad fits in.
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