Treadmill Trivia with Maria & ChadIt's Maria on a treadmill answering questions submitted by KOOL listeners. Every wrong answer increases the speed of the treadmill. Watch the video here...
Push-Up Challenge with Possible Pat!Local celebrity Possible Pat came by to talk about his incredible journey losing over 300 pounds! Of course we wanted to test him physically as well as embarrass ourselves...
Things You Can Do That Feel Better Than a MassageHow can something feel better than a massage?
Feeling KOOL - No More Excuses!
December We Remember Movember!
MOVEMBER 26th: Family Intro To The MO!
MOVEMBER 25th: Facial Hair=Better Performance
MOVEMBER 24th: Dude, Food, Mood, Wha?
MOVEMBER 19th: Quit Smoking...Like NOW!
MOVEMBER 18th: Move It! (More)
MOVEMBER 17th: It Gets Fuller!
MOVEMBER 15th: You're Half Way There!

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