Friday June 17th: Movie Reviews with Cecily KnoblerStay out of the record breaking heat with some cool flicks! This is what's new this week...
Ellen Dance Dare (GONE WRONG) with COPSHere what happened during our shooting of the funny challenge from Ellen!!!! Dancing behind people without them knowing it!!!
Mariah Carey Announces Las Vegas ResidencyMariah Carey will be taking on Las Vegas. The singer has just announced her first Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace.
Impressions of Celebrities Stuck in Traffic
Ellen Inserts Herself Into Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial
Dog of the Week - DIRK
Dog of the Week - MARV (The Humane Society)
Dog of the Week - Reuben (HALO Rescue)
Top 5 Oscar 2014 Moments
Selfies at the Oscars
KOOL Dog of the Week - Maverick (AAWL)
Dog of the Week - LEO (AAWL)

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