TOP 10 TUESDAY: Top 10 Duets!
John Fogerty's Star-Studded Duets Album Out This May
'The Voice' Recap: Feelin' Like A CriminalAll six of last night's artists made the top of the iTunes charts -- and 4 of them ended up at various #1s. So who did America vote off?
Aerosmith Collab With Johnny Depp, Carrie Underwood On New Album - Plus 5 More Unlikely Duets We'd Like To SeeThe collaborations on Aerosmith's upcoming album got us thinking about who else would make for totally strange yet totally awesome duet partners with Steven Tyler.
From Live Aid To Obama: Mick Jagger's Collaborations Through The Years
New Singing Competition Stars Lionel Richie
New 'Duets' Album From Tony Bennett, Feat. Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and More!
Lady Gaga Is A Tramp
Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart-Wrenching Duets From 'Glee'
UPDATE: Rod & Stevie Duets

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